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Should We Be Worried About Kyler and Baseball?

Kyler Murray spent a year plus defusing any notion that he was interested in playing baseball, repeatedly affirming his commitment and focus as just a football player.

And then yesterday, he dropped a bomb of his own.

In a conversation with Bob McMannaman of the Arizona Republic, Murray openly discussed his desire to one day challenge himself in both sports, believing it would be possible to do in the same calendar year.

The social media reaction was immediate and almost universal from Cardinals fans: DON'T DO IT KYLER!

Actually, Kyler Murray playing professional baseball while being the quarterback of the Arizona Cardinals could be the greatest thing to happen in Phoenix sports history.

First, lets assume Kyler isn't talking about playing baseball right now or anytime real soon. Lets say he successfully establishes himself as a winning quarterback who can handle both the physical and mental workload of being a franchise quarterback at the highest level.

By that point, he'd be a star because he's a quarterback and he's really good.

Now, lets add Kyler down the road deciding to give Spring Training a whirl and maybe even playing in the big leagues, if he's able to show he's still capable after a few years layoff.

Any fear of Kyler being unable to focus on his quarterback responsibilities pale in comparison to the extreme relevance such a decision would bring to the Cardinals and Kyler Murray.

Murray would become the most covered athlete in the world. He'd be the top story, the lead trending topic and the athlete TikTok'd the most. Actually, I have no idea what Tik Tok is.

But, it would be monumental to the city and the franchise. Now, you may only care about wins on the field and thats understandable. But I firmly believe that the only way this happens is if both Kyler and the Cardinals are 100% comfortable he can handle it.

Why would anyone anticipate failure for Kyler Murray when all he has done is succeed as an athlete?

Cardinals fans, Kyler Murray playing baseball wouldn't be a nightmare for the player who's instilled more hope into the franchise than any other; it would be a dream come true for an entire sports city that has craved and needed the kind of relevance AND success Kyler could bring.

What's better than that?

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