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Super Bowl Lesson for the Cardinals

A lot of what the Chiefs did to win the Super Bowl can't be learned.

It can't be copied, duplicated or reproduced.

Because Patrick Mahomes is an alien.

But even if Mahomes can't be copied there are things that the Cardinals can copy from the Chiefs organization.

After watching the Chiefs offense explode for 21 unanswered points in the 4th quarter and erase a 10 point 4th quarter Super Bowl deficit like they were playing their little brothers and finally decided to stop toying with the them, its clear its not just Mahomes that deserves credit.

The Chiefs, knowing full well what they have in Mahomes, made sure he had everything he needed to succeed.

They have two franchise tackles, a slew of fast WR's, a game changing TE and a play caller who knows who to get the most out of all of them.

The Chiefs were great offensively last year. And then they added Mecole Hardman in the second round, instead of using that pick on a different position.

The Cardinals should take note. They have already invested a lot in stars defensively. They need upgrades on that side of the ball but it shouldn't come at the expense of what they do offensively.

They need to start by upgrading the offensive line. And add a player like Austin Hooper. And draft a WR early. And make sure they don't overspend at RB.

These aren't either/or choices. They are absolutely necessary if they want to max out Kyler Murray's incredible potential.

It might seem simple but most teams are hesitant to pick one side of the ball over the other.

The Cardinals shouldn't be. Adding two OL in free agency and the draft, a TE like Hooper and even a player like Brandon Aiyuk in the 2nd round all make sense.

Just ask the Chiefs.

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