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Would You Make This Blockbuster Cardinals Trade?

Trade season is heating up in the NFL and I'm getting antsy.

Could the Cardinals get in on the trade action this off season?

Its arguably Steve Keim's strength as a GM. His fleecing of the Patriots for Chandler Jones remains the single best moment of his time as GM.

But what trade could actually be out there for the Cardinals?

Recently, Gregg Rosenthal of the NFL Network compiled a list of the players most likely to be traded and while reading it, I had an idea.

Despite their words at the combine, we know the Cardinals would very much like to move on from David Johnson. You don't mothball a RB for nearly two months while healthy in the regular season and then try and convince me you love the guy.

So how about this blockbuster:

Would you trade David Johnson to the New York Jets for Le'Veon Bell?

A straight-up high priced RB for high priced RB swap?

Bell's deal pays him $13 million dollars this year and then includes $0 of guaranteed money beyond the 2020 season.

Johnson is guaranteed $10.2 million this year and $0 beyond this season. It would even be reasonable for the Cardinals to ask the Jets to throw in a few million to make sure the salaries completely offset each other.

Its a one year swap for two RB's that have clearly overstayed their welcome on their current rosters.

Bell was signed without head coach Adam Gase's consent and Johnson was a favorite son of Bruce Arians before Kliff Kingsbury ever coached a down in the NFL.

Instead of forcing these round pegs into more square holes this season, why not try the old change of scenery trick?

The alternative is both teams paying down the guaranteed money and then swapping them for a low level draft pick. Again, that seems less than ideal.

Bell averaged 3.2 yards per carry last season which is fine for a GPA but absolutely atrocious for an NFL RB.

He still caught 66 balls for nearly 500 yards and, like Johnson, still possesses the kind of two way ability most NFL offenses dream of having from a RB.

Is he a better schematic fit than Johnson? He'd have to be, right?

For the Jets, they get a player with a fresh start who isn't instantly in Gase's dog house while still allowing Sam Darnold some insurance in the backfield.

I'd rather the Cardinals pay Bell for one year than sign Kenyan Drake to an overpriced long term deal to replace the overpriced long term deal of David Johnson.

If it doesn't work out, both teams can walk away in a year with no money on their cap from the deal going forward.

Admit it, a Le'Veon Bell for David Johnson trade is crazy enough to work.

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