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How Good Was the Hopkins Trade?

What a week.

After one of the more remarkable weeks and counting in my life, with daily headlines that boggle the mind and defy our previous definition of reality, NFL free agency was a much needed break.

Instead of my brain being on a constant loop of "Are we overreacting?" and "Are we under-reacting?" to the latest on the Coronavirus pandemic or anxiously debating whether to take my temperature again no matter that I feel fine and have no symptoms of anything, we get to talk football.

Now my brain is being challenged in a different way.

Steve Keim just won the NFL offseason.

I don't care that the official NFL offseason is less than 12 hours old.

Steve Keim just won the NFL offseason.

His stunning trade of David Johnson, a 2020 2nd rounder (#40 overall), and a 2021 4th round pick for DeAndre Hopkins and a 2020 4th rounder is a remarkable trade.

Hopkins is a stud. Entering his 8th season at age 28, Hopkins has amassed five 1000+ yard seasons including 2 1,500+ yard seasons. He's missed just two games in his career and remains one of the game's elite NFL WR's.

So year, he'll be a bit of an upgrade over Damiere Byrd.

Sure, Hopkins is likely to get a new contract making him one of the NFL's highest paid but thats the cost of doing business.

Kyler Murray has his guy. Kliff Kingsbury has his guy. Christian Kirk has his guy. Cardinals fans have their guy.

DeAndre Hopkins is here to take the Cardinals offense to the next level.

And just as unlikely as being told to stay home and watch movies or stores being completely out of toilet paper and bread in 2020, at least for a few days, the Cardinals organization has its guy in Steve Keim.

Coroavirus 2020: Bringing people together already.

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