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TB + TB = ???

Most of us right about now are craving normalcy and the comfort of familiarity.

Not Tom Brady.

While NFL free agency is our only sports refuge during this extraordinary times, Brady is only adding to our anxiety by officially breaking up with the Patriots and joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Will this be the second marriage that allows Brady to finally be free and experience total freedom? Or will most of us be deleting pictures of the couple within the next year, embarrassed that Brady started dating a stripper after a historic 20 year marriage in New England?

Here's what I think:

Brady is going to be a slightly above average QB next year, the Bucs will be a slightly above average NFL team next year and the New England Patriots will barely be better than the Jets.

I know Tampa Bay is loaded at WR and that Bruce Arians is going to do everything he can to enjoy this final NFL joyride but I also think Brady at age 43 is not capable of carrying a team into the Super Bowl.

Maybe we all get confused because Brady doesn't look 43. But he is and it started to show last season on the field.

A year from now, I hope we all look back at this time and laugh about how crazy it was to be quarantined and social distancing.

By then, Tom Brady and Tampa Bay will already be a distant memory not the next big thing in the NFL.

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