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What's Next For Cardinals and Keim?

One of the all time lopsided NFL trades in his favor? Check.

A giant, disruptive interior defensive line presence? Check.

A hard working, reliable pass rush partner for Chandler Jones who also happens to be a tremendous lock room presence? Check.

A veteran upgrade at ILB? Check.

Reasonable contracts and cap management? Check.

Filling needs with players that can help create the kind of culture that allows the team and Kyler Murray to succeed and bake it in long term? Check.

A garage full of toilet paper but not too much? A pantry full of healthy eating options? A freezer full of meat? Plenty of cleaning supplies? Check, probably.

That sums up Steve Keim's off season to date.

After landing Devon Kennard to a reasonable contract and adding another high character young veteran to help lead the way in the locker room, it may feel like Steve Keim's only remaining task is to take victory lap.

He's making the most of the opportunity to build a team after he was directly responsible for unwittingly tearing a good one down from 2016-2018.

Hell, right about now I wouldn't mind hearing Keim's plan to contain the coronavirus outbreak based on his work in free agency.

But there is one thing on his to do list before we call it a smashing success.

And no, this isn't me reflexively criticizing one of the Valley's easiest targets over the last three years. Its a viable issue that needs to be tackled.

The Cardinals still need to upgrade their offensive line.

The good news is they still have the #8 overall pick. The bad news is all signs so far have indicated they are content with last year's line.

If the Cardinals want to keep it simple, they'll take one of the top tackles at #8 and take some chances in the 3rd round and beyond. But if they get tempted to trade down or double down on WR's or take another DL or member of their secondary, I'm afraid all of the momentum could be lost.

Think about Week 1. It feels like its a lifetime away, huh? But think about Week 1. Whoever and wherever the Cardinals are playing. Everyone's excited to see K1/K2 2.0. DeAndre Hopkins debut, Kenyan Drake, Kirk's development, Fitz, Chandler Jones, etc., etc. Now what happens if Kyler is running for his life all game? Remember this article. Because I tried to warn you.

Things are great right now for the Cardinals but if they don't address their offensive line, I'm afraid right now might be the peak of how we feel about the Cardinals off season.

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