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Cardinals Have Clear Draft Mandate

As of today, the NFL Draft is on for April 23rd.

Despite pleas from frustrated GM's who may be limited in their ability to vet players in person, Commissioner Roger Goodell, rightfully in my opinion, believes the NFL's ability to offer some much needed diversions for the American public is more important than some steak dinners between teams and players.

So now that the Cardinals are firmly in the "signing coaches favorites" portion of free agency, most of the attention will shift back to the draft.

After addressing needs at WR, DL, ILB, OLB and RB in free agency the Cardinals have never had a more clear mandate for #8 overall.

Build. the. Line.

Sure, its tempting to fantasize about CeeDee Lamb joining a supersonic Cardinals offense that could become the talk of the NFL but like most fantasies its probably better in your mind than in real life.

Without a second round pick, the Cardinals have one pick in the first 70 of the upcoming draft. Their best bet may be to trade down but that option relies completely on a player being available at #8 that would compel a team to move up.

With the truncated evaluation process, it wouldn't surprise me if teams were more conservative than usual and a trade down never materialized for Keim and Co.

So, with the likelihood of sticking and picking being the only option for the Cardinals, there's now only one choice.

Best OL available.

Tristan Whirfs. Mekhi Bechton. Jedrick Wills.

All three have RT experience. All three tested well in Indy. And all 3 are massive upgrades over the revolving door of RT's the Cardinals have deployed the last four seasons.

The offseason schedule has been weird. The draft process will be weird. Life has been weird.

If the Cardinals actually take a OL at #8 and get it right, it might be the weirdest development to date.

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