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I'm Rooting for David Johnson

All breakups have their own story.

This week, the breakup between David Johnson and the Cardinals fan base and organization became official.

It ended a tumultuous five year run for David Johnson in Phoenix that saw him go from unknown third round pick to tantalizing rookie to future face of the franchise to underpaid star to injured star to paid star to benched star to overpaid star to complete afterthought.

Johnson got off to a rocky start with his introduction to the Houston media when he openly discussed wanting to turn back the clock to 2016 now that he's in Texas.

Look, people barely remember what life was like four weeks ago let alone four years ago. Plus, by bringing up 2016 David Johnson is giving everyone a shortcut to remembering its been a really long time since he was a productive running back.

All that being said, I'm rooting for Johnson to succeed in Houston. You should be too.

Johnson isn't going to haunt the Cardinals. They got DeAndre Hopkins in return and dumped all of Johnson's salary. He wasn't cut with a boatload of dead money dragging the Cardinals cap down preventing them from getting better. He was a good enough of a player at one point for the Cardinals that he at least convinced Bill O'Brien to pony up one of the Top 5 WR's in the NFL for him.

This is the kind of breakup where if you're rooting for your ex to be miserable, its just unnecessary pettiness.

I had a chance to work closely with Johnson, his wife and his foundation as they made significant efforts to donate and raise money for sick children in the Valley and their families.

Obviously production on the field is always going to drive fan reaction and Johnson came up short in that department the last few years no matter what he was doing off the field.

That doesn't mean you can't enjoy it if he turns things around in Houston.

You should be rooting for that. I know I will be.

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