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Devin Booker's Big Moment

2020 has been a year of firsts (and hopefully lasts) for all of us.

For Devin Booker, even without a global pandemic disrupting the NBA season it's been a year of firsts.

First All Star team.

First year with a maximum salary.

First year as THE leader of the team.

And now with the Suns being included in the 22 team NBA season reboot, Booker has a massive opportunity: Is he stuck in the friend zone with Kendall Jenner or does he have a chance of her joining him in the NBA bubble?

And, he's got a chance to play the most important basketball of his Suns career.

Look, the Suns probably don't deserve to be in the NBA return but it's an incredible opportunity for the team to make a major change.

For the first time in nearly a decade, the Suns will be playing meaningful NBA games that the whole country will be watching. With 8 games to qualify for the 9 seed play in tournament, the Suns will have to leap frog four teams and make up at least two games in the standings.

It won't be easy but its the best crack at the postseason the team has had in years.

This is Devin Booker's chance to prove a new Suns franchise is being born. Instead of watching season's end as soon as they begin, the fifth year player now is in the driver's seat to deliver a new future. He doesn't have to wait for a trade for another NBA star or another major free agent signing or another season to begin. He gets that chance (hopefully) starting July 31st.

Put the franchise on his back and get to the 9th seed and it will be the best moment the Suns have had since Steve Nash and the gang were running the show.

Devin Booker hasn't had many opportunities to carry the team. His individual talent has stood apart from the collective failure of the Suns franchise. Here is his chance to be great, be successful and win meaningful basketball games.

The country will be watching. The entire NBA will be watching. Kendall Jenner may be watching.

Here is the moment you've been waiting for DBook, no matter how weird, will you make the most of it?

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