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The Only List That Should Matter for the Cardinals

Its list season in sports. Typically, the summer and NFL offseason breeds a new batch of lists to occupy our minds until training camp but in 2020, list season right now is the only real season we have.

And compared to the last few years, list season has been very good to the Arizona Cardinals.

They are seeing their names higher and higher in NFL offseason power rankings. Typically, most power rankings are putting them in the 16-20 range, which is kind of a cop out. At that range, people will be able to take credit for whichever way the season heads for the Cards. If they are a playoff team, they'll say "I liked them a lot, had them about middle of the road in my rankings". If they're bad, "I never really bought them as a playoff team!". Pick a side you power ranking cowards.

But there's no denying its a lot better positioning than the bottom of the rankings the franchise has occupied in the last few offseasons.

Lists ranking the quality of offseason moves are even more favorable to Kliff and Co. Steve Keim scored an early round knockout with his fleecing of the Texans for DeAndre Hopkins and according to most lists, has held the offseason title ever since.

Franchise quarterback lists? The Cardinals are quickly becoming the belle of the ball thanks to Kyler Murray.

Hell, even lists of MVP candidates and Coach of the Year odds have been kind to the Cards.

Worst to first lists, future franchise power rankings lists, head coach house lists, WR corps lists and more have the Cardinals sitting pretty.

But none of them really matter. As a self appointed master of lists (whats up Top 5 Thursday?), I know that most lists are created not to reflect reality but to fill space and create conversation.

There is one list however that the Cardinals and their fans should be watching closely and if they ever appear on it, it will be time to really hype this team.

Recently, Bucky Brooks of the NFL Network unveiled his Top 5 Trenches teams. The former player and scout turned analyst recently ranked which five NFL teams have the best combined offensive and defensive lines.

The Cardinals aren't on this exclusive list and the teams that do appear are the teams the Cardinals will likely be looking up to for at least the next season.

At the top of the NFL, it doesn't matter about style or hype or lists - just winning in the trenches.

Until the Cardinals appear on this list, Ill be saving my hype over here on OLine island.

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