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Is It Too Much Too Soon For Kyler Murray?

Has Kyler Murray received too much too soon this offseason?

To be clear, I'm all in on Kyler. He is The One. I don't have any lingering doubts about his abilities on the field.

But then again, he won 4 games last season (Brett Hundley should receive credit for the SEA W).

Now he's a quasi MVP favorite, on the NFL 100 list and a fantasy football darling.

Last year Baker Mayfield won the offseason lottery and took the lump sum. A year later, he's hitchhiking on the side of the road trying to find his way back to NFL relevancy.

Are we jumping the gun on Kyler Murray's year two expectations? Could it be too much to ask for a second year QB?

Is it too much too soon?

For Kyler, I don't think it is. His personality and leadership style are perfectly suited to ignore the hype and put in the work. If anything is going to derail his sophomore NFL season, its the lack of on field reps during the summer.

Is he going to win the MVP? Almost certainly not. Is he going to win you your fantasy league? Thats completely possible.

Its not Kyler that I'm worried about. It's the front office. The last time this team got some offseason love, it led to a four year down cycle the team is just now pulling itself out of.

Kyler can handle this and much more.

He's going to need to because if history is any guide, the Cardinals franchise will be a much bigger challenge for Kyler than media hype.

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