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All In or Out on Cam in New England?

I was on vacation last week. And by vacation I mean we went and lived in someone else's cabin for a week and hiked. There were no restaurants, ice cream stops or patio visits. We just needed to get out of the house with our kids.

Now don't get me wrong; I'm grateful to have a job to take a vacation from and I'm grateful to have the means to escape the heat and monotony of summer quarantine life that my family is living but there's always a risk when you work in sports radio.

Whenever you take time off as a host, you just hope nothing big happens that you're not on the air to talk about it.

Well, last week we had a great time as a family but some big news dropped - Cam Newton signed with the Patriots

We're talking about a 31 year old former league MVP joining a Patriots franchise that just broke up with Tom Brady.

Its big.

Immediately the debate started: Will Cam Newton succeed in New England?

On this you are either in or you are out. Then Cam Newton dropped a new video on social media and instantly the debate was restarted just in time for me to be back on the air this morning.

After watching that video, I'm 100% in on Cam Newton succeeding in New England.

Now many of you probably had the opposite reaction because most people don't really like Cam Newton the personality.

For much of his career, I didn't particularly like Cam Newton the personality. Towel over his head, standing silently on the sideline is the enduring image of Cam's run in Carolina. He became an easy target. And every sport needs a few villains and Newton had naturally been one since his days at Auburn.

But, as a player, his talents are undeniable. When healthy he's fun as hell to watch, as dynamic as any player at the position and 68-55-1 overall with an MVP and Super Bowl appearance on his resume.

But Jody, you're thinking, Bill Belichick will never tolerate Cam's personality.

Of course he will. Bill Belichick wants to show the world how he can win in New England without Brady. And at this point, no player is signing with New England and blindly believing it's some individual freedom paradise.

Cam knows the score, Bill knows the score.

These two are ready to fight the world.

And I'd bet on them winning. I can't wait to watch.

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