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What is Kyler Murray Worth Right Now?

Here's how you know everyone really likes Patrick Mahomes: the dude inks a half billion dollar contract and the overwhelming response was, "That sure is neat for him!"

No jealousy, faux moral outrage or contempt - just some good ole fashioned joy.

Other than giving the Chiefs a great chance at a decade plus of football relevancy that can redefine franchises, cities and states, Mahomes new deal also resets the quarterback market.

Now Mahomes is unique and other than Lamar Jackson winning the Super Bowl next year, no QB can really claim to deserve more than Mahomes. But it's not just about topping Mahomes. Mahomes's contract is like a house in your neighborhood selling for a lot of money. Even if your house is smaller, not as updated and no one would confuse your house for being as nice as the one sold for a lot of money, you can still ask for more than you had originally planned.

Thats exactly what QB's like DeShaun Watson and Dak Prescott are going to do.

And in two years, it's what Kyler Murray is going to do.

Recently on twitter I hypothetically asked if you'd be willing to give Kyler Murray a 10 year/$400 million dollar contract right now and I was shocked by the replies.

Of course after one season Kyler Murray still has A LOT to prove but we also know in the NFL a long term, consistently good quarterback is basically invaluable.

I promise you the Chiefs would've given Mahomes a contract worth 80-90% of the deal he just signed a year ago, if they were able to.

Kyler Murray, after one year, has demonstrated an ability to elevate this Cardinals franchise in ways that not even Larry Fitzgerald or Kurt Warner could.

Its tough to put a price tag on that but if you think $400-$500 million is a lot to spend now, just wait until the new TV deals are signed in a year.

Kyler Murray will cash in and will be worth every penny. Just like Mahomes.

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