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Top 5 Thursday: Things You'd Get Rid of In Sports

2020 has taught us a lot of new lessons and the sports world is no different.

With all leagues adjusting to new rules, protocols and norms, we've seen some leagues just wave a magic wand and make certain parts of sports disappear.

Pitchers hitting in the NL? Poof! Gone.

Home field/court advantage? Poof! Gone.

The entire NFL preseason? Poof! Gone.

Taking that magic wand, we put it to use for this week's Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Things You'd Get Rid of in Sports.

If you could wave that magic wand and make anything in sports or your sports experience disappear, what would you choose? Here is my list:

5.Play In NCAA Tournament Games

  • The Field of 64 NCAA Tournament was sports perfection. Crowbarring four more teams into the mix added confusion, asymmetry and angst for a sporting event designed to only produce joy. Get rid of the play in games (Sorry Dayton, Ohio!) and then pass a Constitutional amendment to protect the Field of 64 like it was a national park, because it is.

4.Alex Rodriguez

  • A-Rod's ubiquitousness as an ambassador for baseball is one of the all time head scratchers. From reviled cheater, to reviled choke artist to reviled Yankee to the face of baseball in retirement. It makes no sense. ESPN, MLB Network and Fox all employ the frosted tip phony and its time for that to change.

3.50% of all College Football Bowl games

  • Bowl Game season has gotten out of control. Teams don't even need a winning record to celebrate a postseason berth. Corruption is bred while bowl game executives hob nob with college administrators. And more recently, top players are skipping them to avoid injury risk before the pre-draft process. Lets skip the charade and focus on expanding the College Football Playoff.

2.Instant Replay

  • Instant replay disappearing would cause immediate chaos but in the long run be better for everybody. Instead of turning every game into a replay controversy and campaigns for rule changes, we'd have to just live with the results of the highly paid professionals who's jobs are to make those calls. You know, we'd have to be adults.


  • Nothing threatens the core of the sports fan experience like analytics. I understand their value. I understand I'm basically saying I don't want to be a smarter fan. Thats okay with me. Sports is my distraction, not an SAT test. Instead of WAR, PER and DVOA lets just speak sports.

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