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Top5Thurs: Top 5 Athletes You'd Want to Be Stuck With in Quarantine

Bubbles are a big thing in 2020.

Have a bubble and thrive? Don't have a bubble and you're in trouble.

As everyone makes very calculated decisions on who to include or not include in your current bubble, I thought about putting myself in the shoes of NBA and NHL players.

Can you imagine be cooped up with your co-workers for months at a time with no escape except to Facetime with your family?

Wouldn't your teammates make or break your entire existence in that scenario?

This week's Top 5 Thursday, we count down the Top 5 Athletes You'd Want to Be Stuck in Quarantine With. Hopefully in a year or two, we look back on this list and remember how insane everything was. Either that or we will be all living in actual bubbles.

Without further ado, here is this week's #Top5Thurs:

5.Steven Adams

  • Adams already gave us the best quote of actual sports quarantine. He's quirky, funny and unselfish. Plus as an added bonus, he can probably kick anyone's ass that needs it.

4.Baker Mayfield

  • This is a bit of a gamble. Most people are either all in on Baker Mayfield or all out. I enjoy interesting people with interesting things to say. Baker Mayfield fits that bill. Plus, what better way to pass the time in quarantine than talking crap about everyone else in quarantine.

3.Tyrann Mathieu

  • If you think about a quarantine partner like a road trip partner, Mathieu is the perfect choice, The best road trip partners have good stories, are good storytellers and go with the flow. Mathieu's resume is full of interesting stories and he seems like a genuinely good human being.

2.Phil Mickelson

  • Mickelson has a couple of reasons for being high on this list. 1) He's likeable. 2) He knows how to tell a good story. 3) He's got a strong sense of humor. 4) He'll probably gamble on anything helping time fly by. The only downside is he's probably a monster to be around if he loses to much. Sign me up for Camp Mickelson.

1.Kevin Durant

  • Out of all the current athletes, the athlete that gives you the best chance to have a treasure chest of stories to tell your friends after a long quarantine would be Kevin Durant. Willing to answer any question, willing to speak his mind on any topic and kind of out of his mind, Durant would make for an interesting couple of months. His biggest downside is the moodiness which can be a nightmare for being cooped up. Im willing to roll the dice KD would be worth the risk.

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