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Top5Thurs: Top 5 Most Unique Stars

This week's Top 5 Thursday is inspired by all the love coming Kyler Murray's way. A little over a year ago, he was dismissed as being too small to succeed in the NFL and now he's being hailed as the next big thing.

If Kyler can somehow break through and become an NFL superstar he will be a one of a kind, completely unique star QB given his size and developing unique brand of dominance. My favorite current Twitter debate is what does Kyler Murray run like? And my favorite answer is Kyler Murray runs like Fred Flintstone driving fast.

But while Kyler becoming a star would be mold breaking there are similar stars inside and outside of sports who have risen to the highest places as completely unique mold breakers themselves.

This week's Top 5 Thursday is the Top 5 Most Unique Stars. Think of it as athletes or entertainers that you've watched where you've said to yourself "We're never gonna see someone quite like that again."

Here is my Top5Thurs:

5. Bob Dylan

  • There have been plenty of singer/songwriters before, during and after Bob Dylan's seven decade run. But there haven't been any quite like Dylan. A product of a unique moment in time combined with an adaptability and uniqueness that has allowed him to endure as a timeless musical icon, despite having significantly less obvious outward musical talent than many of his contemporaries, Dylan is a legend.

4. Jaime Foxx

  • Foxx is a tour de force talent that probably isn't quite appreciated in real time, let alone over time. There are a lot of comedians who try to cross over into drama. There are a lot of actors who try to dabble in music. There are a lot of musicians who try to become hosts. And there are a lot of TV stars who attempt to become movie stars. Foxx has done all of these things and he's done all of these things extraordinarily well. Oh, and he's also helped discover and produce several MAJOR musical acts.

3. Clint Eastwood

  • This might be cheating since no one really makes or watches Westerns anymore but Eastwood is also unique for another reason. Eastwood's entire career was built around being cool. As in the entire country seems to have agreed that over the last six decades, the coolest man on the planet was Eastwood. Now there are Youtuber's and influencers who make seven figures a month who I've never heard of. The world may never produce another badass like Eastwood.

2. Lebron James

  • The natural reflex might be to say Michael Jordan and while we may never see another athlete that dominates quite like Jordan, Kobe Bryant was a close enough facsimile that it DQ's him from this list. Lebron on the other hand is the kind of player that I'll probably never see again. His unique blend of size, strength, skill and enduring resiliency is a unicorn. He's the rare young phenom who has actually fulfilled even the loftiest of expectations. Find a way to enjoy these last few years because they won't happen again.

1. Randy Johnson

  • Quite simply the most unique, dominant athlete of my lifetime. A late blooming prospect who nearly flamed out of the league only to emerge as one of the greatest starting pitchers ever. Add in the fact he's a 6'10 southpaw who threw 100 mph gas, a wipeout slider, wore a mullet and was as ornery as a mule and I feel very, very comfortable saying we will never see another Randy Johnson.

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