The Drive with Jody Oehler

The Drive with Jody Oehler

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Ultimate Fantasy Football Standings *Week 6* Powered by Huss Brewing

Here are the official standings through Week 6 of the Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge powered by Huss Brewing. These standings will be published every Tuesday* throughout the fantasy football season.

*Except when they aren't.

These standings are for the overall points leaders through all leagues. Our overall points champion will win a new TV from Spencers TV and Appliances. All individual league champions will win a prize pack from Huss Brewing valued at $100.

Week 6 Standings

1. 865.38 - 4th and 2020

2. 828.24 - Midway Monsters

3. 814.14 - Skillz That Killz

4. 802.36 - Schrute Farms

5. 797.82 - Beats By DeAndre

Thanks once again to our friends at Huss Brewing and Spencer's TV and Appliances.

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