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Four Trade Options for the Cardinals

Trades are the best. While the rest of the world frets about Facebook and other social media companies ruining American society, I remain glued to them for all the latest rumors. My Facebook algorithm is basically just a bunch of super computers pumping my feed full of trade rumors from all leagues from every corner of the internet. Take all of my data and as long as you are giving me endless trade rumors, its a fair trade off.

That brings us to the 2020 NFL trade deadline.

For the record, I'm not a big fan of the Cardinals making any more moves. After making a solid trade for Markus Golden and the draft pick compensation they'll send to the Texans to complete the Hopkins trade, the Cardinals are already without 4th and 6th round picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. While this team is tantalizingly close to toppling the NFC West power structure, they will have to think long term with Kyler Murray. The roster still lacks young starters with upside that can form the long term nucleus along with Kyler and a few others and thus dumping picks for players feels a bit premature.

But I won't stand in the way of a good trade.

Below are four options that would give the seal of approval from yours truly.

1. AJ Green - Green is on the decline in Cincinnati but after spending his career there but I'd think he could be revitalized being throw into a playoff race. Plus, adding Green would give the Cardinals a monopoly on mild mannered, Hall of Fame wide receivers with Larry Fitzgerald and DeAndre Hopkins. That trio in 2017 would've been a dream and in 2020 it still feels like a fantasy.
The Deal: The Cardinals acquire Green for a 2022 4th round pick.

2. John Ross - Let's just play make a deal for a Bengals WR. Ross wants out. Here's the justification for this deal: Imagine a December game with playoff implications. Now imagine the Cardinals calling a deep ball to Andy Isabella. Would you trust him to make the play? I'd trust Ross to be on the field more than I would Isabella. Ross is in the final year of his deal, would likely not require much draft compensation and can run fast and catch which be an upgrade over Isabella for 2020's playoff push.

The Deal: Cardinals acquire Ross for a conditional 2021 7th round pick.

3. Whitney Mercilus - While most people have been focused on a never-going-to-happen JJ Watt trade, Mercilus might be the better option. Trading Watt for the Texans is like the Cardinals trading Fitz - even if there's a sentimental movement from fans, it makes zero sense for the franchise. Mercilus is a former first rounder that has 53 career sacks who could give the Cardinals some pass rushing depth along with Markus Golden, Devon Kennard and Haason Reddick. The biggest challenge: Getting the Texans to ever take another phone call from the Cardinals again.

The Deal: Cardinals acquire Mercilus for a 2022 5th round pick.

4. Quinnen Williams - The reason Williams is last on this list is because despite published reports, I cannot believe the Jets would be dumb enough to deal the 22 year old former top 3 draft pick. Williams is worth the draft capital, essentially replacing whatever pick the Cardinals have to give up. Is three more years of Williams on his rookie deal worth a late first round pick? Probably. Is he worth a two and more? Yep. If there's a deal to be made, the Cardinals should make it.

The Deal: Cardinals acquire Williams for a 2021 2nd round pick and a 2022

3 round pick.

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