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Ultimate Fantasy Football Standings *Week 8* Powered by Huss Brewing

Here are the official standings through Week 8 of the Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge powered by Huss Brewing. These standings will be published every Tuesday* throughout the fantasy football season.

*Except when they aren't.

These standings are for the overall points leaders through all leagues. Our overall points champion will win a new TV from Spencers TV and Appliances. All individual league champions will win a prize pack from Huss Brewing valued at $100.

Week 8 Standings

1. 1097.92 - 4th and 2020

  • A two week losing streak has seen our overall leader's lead slip and now this race is officially too close to call. Alvin Kamara and Jamaal Williams helped 4th and 2020 stay atop the leaderboard but the Mike Davis gravy train has come to an end.

2. 1086.90 - Midway Monsters

  • The Monsters showed up on Halloween weekend to put a scare into our leaderboard. The spooky combination of Russell Wilson and Dalvin Cook was enough to catapult them into 2nd place, despite getting a goose egg from starting WR Kenny Golladay.

3. 1064.76 - BFRD

  • Alvin Kamara did more work for BFRD, while Jamaal Williams and Tom Brady also contributed in major ways. Our relative newcomer to the Top 5 continues to lurk as a legit challenger for the overall championship.

4. 1064.52 - Schrute Farms

  • Dwight's family business has bounced in and out of our Top 5 all season long but after Week 8, they hope to be in it for the long haul. Russell Wilson should help in that endeavor while Julio Jones and Keenan Allen pitch in.

5. 1064.28 - DHop's Hands

  • The Aaron Rodgers to Davante Adams combo has earned DHop's Hands their debut spot in our overall standings. With less than a full point separating the bottom three, DHop has a chance to keep dancing up as long as Rodgers and Adams keep making sweet music together.

Thanks once again to our friends at Huss Brewing and Spencer's TV and Appliances.

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