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Ultimate Fantasy Football Standings *Week 9* Powered by Huss Brewing

Here are the official standings through Week 9 of the Ultimate Fantasy Football Challenge powered by Huss Brewing. These standings will be published every Tuesday* throughout the fantasy football season.

*Except when they aren't.

These standings are for the overall points leaders through all leagues. Our overall points champion will win a new TV from Spencers TV and Appliances. All individual league champions will win a prize pack from Huss Brewing valued at $100.

Week 9 Overall Standings:

1. 1238.22 - 4th and 2020

  • 4th and 2020 is trying to avoid the same fate as the rest of 2020 and having everything fall apart. This week, 4th and 2020 clung to the overall lead by the smallest margin of the season. Josh Allen and Christian Kirk saved the team from losing their grip on the top spot as we near the home stretch of the fantasy football season.

2. 1232.10 - Midway Monsters

  • Midway closed the gap significantly heading into Week 10 with another score eclipsing 145 weekly points. Russell Wilson and Dalvin Cook did most of the heavy lifting with JuJu Smith-Schuster chipping in. With another incredible week from Russ and Cook, Midway could take the overall lead.

3. 1212.40 - D Hops Hands

  • While the real life D Hop had his roughest week of the season in the Cardinals Week 9 loss to the Dolphins, his fantasy namesake was doing work getting within striking distance of the overall lead. Kyler Murray was a fantasy monster for D Hops Hands who also had Davante Adams and Tyreek Hill with standout weeks.

4. 1192.08 - ATL BALLS DEEP

  • I'm not sure who is more excited: ATL BALLS DEEP for making their overall leaderboard debut or me for being able to type BALLS DEEP multiple times. Patrick Mahomes and Dalvin Cook were quite the duo in Week 9 and Stefon Diggs and the Baltimore Defense contributed to the banner week for BALLS DEEP.

5. 1185.92 - Schrute Farms

  • Schrute Farms rode the arm of Russell Wilson once again to keep their hopes alive in our Top 5. Keenan Allen, Josh Jacobs and Todd Gurley helped round out a solid week for the beet growing business.

Thanks once again to our friends at Huss Brewing and Spencer's TV and Appliances.

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