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Mikal Bridges Is Right

The Suns announced their intentions to be taken seriously this offseason when they traded two starters and a future first round draft pick to acquire Chris Paul and pay him over $85 million dollars over the next two seasons.

But that doesn't mean some people still don't think the team is a joke.

Take a look at some of the recent reaction to comments made by Suns forward Mikal Bridges. Bridges was asked during a preseason media Zoom what the expectations were for this team. Here was what Bridges had to say:

Bridges, correctly in my opinion, states that this team wants to win a championship. Stating any other objective is tantamount to waving the white flag before a season has even started.

Now it should be pointed out that the Suns haven't made the playoffs in the last decade, let alone competed for a championship. In previous years after offseason roster renovations, the Suns and literally every other NBA team would start a season espousing optimistic expectations for the fresh, not-soiled-yet season.

Those declarations rang hollow the second they came out of a player or coach's mouth. Many times they were not true team goals but just poorly disguised sales pitches for season ticket holders and would-be suite buyers.

Was anyone buying what Earl Watson was selling? Or Josh Jackson. Psssshhh, no.

This year, its different. The Suns ARE better. They ARE a real NBA team. And they ARE trying to change the narrative of this franchise.

Even if their odds of winning an actual NBA championship aren't necessarily that much better than in year's past, the attitude and approach are.

Chris Paul will demand success. Monty Williams will lead towards success. Fans will expect success.

Saying anything different, would be a lie.

And this year, the Suns don't need to lie, they just need to tell the truth. Like Mikal Bridges did.

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