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Top5Thurs: Top 5 Breakout Stars of 2020

2020 hasn't been all bad. Well, I should say that while 2020 has been mostly all bad, there were a few things that weren't quite as awful as others.

With the year winding down and this Top5Thurs being our penultimate Top5Thurs of 2020, we decided to celebrate some of the breakout stars of the year. Its a strange year to be celebrating individual success but these five breakouts all can honestly look back at the year and call it the best they've ever had.

Not all of these are individuals but rather people, developments or trends that experienced a breakout performance in 2020.

Without further ado, here is this week's Top5Thurs:

Top 5 Thursday: Top 5 Breakout Stars of 2020

5. Jamal Murray

  • Murray was inarguably the breakout star of the NBA bubble. From fun, young player to bona fide franchise star in one trip to Orlando. He carried Denver to the Western Conference Finals by scoring 30 or more points in 8 playoff games, 40 or more points four times and twice scoring 50.

4. Josh Allen

  • The Buffalo Bills starting quarterback has launched himself into stardom the way he launches a football effortlessly downfield every single game. From first round oddity to the cornerstone of one of the most enjoyable team turnarounds in the NFL. Allen still hasn't found the game to game consistency that defines superstardom at the QB position but he's found enough success to be in the group just below.

3. Introverts

  • What a year for introverts. Almost overnight, it became a real benefit to want to be closed off from other people. Introverts have watched as the entire societal structure has been changed to cater to their preferred lifestyle. Introverts aren't fretting about getting together in public for big events any time season, they're celebrating that being home has been the best place to be for the last 10 months and counting.

2. DK Metcalf

  • Metcalf is heavy on the "star" part of our list. He currently leads the NFL in receiving yards and is top 5 in receiving TD's and yards per reception. He's established himself as a bona fide #1 NFL WR. Additionally, he's also the kind of magnetic presence that compels every announcing team to gush endlessly about his potential and his ability to dominate. And the Cardinals drafted Andy Isabella instead.

1. Curbside Pickup

  • I love curbside pickup. I love the chance to get out of the house and accomplishing something without getting out of my car. Its convenient, efficient and almost always the best options. Being able to alert stores that I'm heading to the store, who cares if they now have access to all my location information and then show up, pop the trunk and drive off is amazing. Its the death of small talk. The end of the line of frustrating lines. And its the best thing about 2020 so far.

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