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Theo Epstein Can Save Baseball

I know we all have much bigger fish to fry both in and out of sports to start the year but did you happen to notice that baseball's new season is right around the corner?

Earlier this week reports circulated that Rob Manfred and MLB were expecting Spring Training and the regular season to start on schedule and baseball plans for a full 162 game schedule.

Ordinarily this would be a cause for celebration and sign of our sports lives maybe inching closer to normalcy.

Instead, we spent all week talking about Kyrie Irving's whereabouts, head coach interviews in the NFL and singing sea shantys.

Baseball, as has been the increasing case over the last few years, once again did not register.

Enter Theo Epstein. After stepping away from the Chicago Cubs organization, Epstein officially accepted a job working in the Commissioner's Office.

His hiring is the best news baseball has had in years.

On his way out of Chicago, Epstein offered a striking public mea culpa; instead of basking in his accomplishments, he essentially apologized for helping ruin the on field product of baseball and expressed an interest in fixing it.

And now he's putting his money where his mouth is.

The style of play IS boring. The amount of anonymity amongst starters and contenders is jarring. The amount of the actual game that no longer exists is overwhelming.

Baseball IS broken.

And now, the man who saved Red Sox and Cubs fans from baseball purgatory just has to save all of baseball.

I actually believe he can do it but like those other jobs, it's just going to take some time.

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