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Should the Cardinals Trade For Julio Jones?

There's no walking this one back: Julio Jones is on his way out of Atlanta and the source is Julio Jones.

Jones, 32, is a seven time Pro Bowl Wide Receiver coming off a season in which he missed seven games due to injury. Prior to last season's injury plagued affair, Jones had six straight seasons where the his lowest receiving yardage total was 1,394.

So, why are the Cardinals being mentioned as a possible destination?

Because of this:

Now, acquiring Jones would not be cheap. He is not going to be found on the NFL bargain rack. In fact, there's a tweet for that too:

So that leads us to this question: Should the Cardinals trade for Julio Jones and put together the 2021 Brooklyn Nets version of a WR corp?

My logical side says absolutely not. This team is not that close and trading future draft capital for a 32 year old WR is a recipe for regret.

On the other hand, this is a franchise that has entrusted Steve Keim for nearly a decade to be its General Manager, hired a cos-playing head coach in Kliff Kingsbury and whiffed on so many draft picks and rebuilds that preaching patience and practicality feels empty.

So screw it, let's do it. If you're going to go down with Keim and Kingsbury running the show, it might as well be fun as hell. Welcome to the 2021 Cardinals where fantasy football reigns supreme and logical football lessons go to die.

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