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CP3 Injury Not as Bad As AD's

Suns fans must feel like they are training to become an Olympic swimmer with all of the breath holding they've done through five games in the NBA Playoffs. The most recent test of the fan base's lung capacity came in the midst of a 30 point beatdown of the Lakers when Chris Paul fell to the ground writhing in pain, seemingly aggravating his shoulder injury he suffered in Game 1.

Paul would re-enter the game to calmly drill two free throws and then headed for the locker room to either get his shoulder checked out, beat Lebron James to the back or both. Paul would not play again and after the game had little to say about his status heading into Game 6.

So what is Paul battling? Is he now worse off after suffering another injury?

We turned to the best in the business to find out, Dr. David Chao. Chao was an NFL team doctor for over 17 years, still practices medicine and also offers the best sports injury video analysis on social media.

Wednesday morning he joined me to offer his thoughts on CP3's injury and whether Anthony Davis could return before the series is over.

On how bad CP3's injury could have been aggravated on Tuesday night:

"It is my hope and obviously hope from the outside based on video and some NBA experience...that this is a setback but not a complete setback. Im hoping this was as much shock, pain and scare as setback."
"I don't think is as bad of a setback as people think."

On Chris Paul's ability to play in Game 6:

"A) Im relatively confident he can play through and B) I would rather be Chris Paul than Anthony Davis with his groin."

On Anthony Davis's status for Game 6:

"It may be a mild groin, and a Grade 1, but there’s no way he’s 100% for Game 6. Now could he try and tough it out and play with less lateral mobility? He could but there's no way he'd be 100% for it. "

On how Davis's injury could impact him if he does try and play Thursday night:

"Probably more quickness in the open court, whether offensively or defensively, especially lateral movement. Groins are tough, especially in the game of basketball."

You can listen to the full interview here:

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