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Are You Enjoying The Moment?

Are you enjoying the moment?

The Suns swept the Nuggets and instead of feeling like the climax of this story, it feels like it's the beginning of another one.

This run by the Suns has been remarkable, full of so many moments that it's almost time to start deleting moments like when your phone has too many pictures.

Devin Booker’s moment in Game 1 against the Lakers. Devin Booker’s moment in Game 6 against the Lakers. Devin Booker’s moment in Game 4 against the Lakers after the Jokic flagrant.

Chris Paul’s moment with the crowd after sweeping the Nuggets. Chris Paul’s moment with Monty Williams after advancing to the WCF. Chris Paul’s moment in Game 1 of the Lakers series. Chris Paul’s moment in every game since then.

Mikal Bridges’s moment in the first game of the Nuggets series. Jae Crowder’s moment in Game 4 and Game 6 of the Lakers series.

Cam Payne’s moment in Game 5 of the Laker series. 

Deandre Ayton’s moment this entire postseason. Ayton is preparing for the Western Conference Finals as an anchor to a title contender while Luka Doncic clashes with the Mavericks front office after another first round exit - you know Ayton feels that.

Guy Fieri was a moment. Shirtless Kid was a moment. Suns in 4 Guy is and was a moment.

This is all happening.

Before the weight of expectations, contract squabbles, playing time beef and anonymous sourced reports grinds the story to a nub, we have this moment with this Suns team.

Enjoy the ride, you may never be on one quite like this again.

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