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It's Time For Larry Fitzgerald To Make a Decision

Its time.

Its time for Larry Fitzgerald to make his decision.

We’ve all been very patient but we are now in Week 2 of Training Camp. Dudes are fighting every single day for their NFL lives and in an instant, teams are really planning for the season and the Cardinals are still in limbo.

Out of fairness to the competition, Larry Fitzgerald needs to let us in on his plans for 2021.

This now feels like when you lend someone money and tell them not to rush paying you back but now it’s six months later and it’s starting to get uncomfortable.

Now, I’m sure Larry isn’t ghosting the Cardinals brass but this is a public issue now, not just a private one.

Don’t get me wrong, Fitz has earned the right to decide what he wants, when he wants in regards to his Cardinals career but this is starting to feel like the anti-Larry Fitzgerald process.

No one, absolutely no one, would accuse Fitz of being a selfish teammate. Quite the opposite in fact but this is starting to feel like a selfish act.

And again, he’s earned that right, I just didn’t expect him to exploit it so completely.

Kyler Murray deserves to know. Christian Kirk deserves to know. KeeSean Johnson deserves to know. Hell, poor Sweet Andy Isabella deserves to know. Rico Gafford and JoJo Ward deserve to know

And Cardinals fans deserve to know.

I’m starting to get the feeling that this situation is only possible because Kliff Kingsbury is the head coach. Like most players, I’m sure Larry likes Kliff but I don’t know how many players fear Kliff Kingsbury.

When you like your boss and are buddy-buddy, you feel like you can get away with more. Late coming into the office? Who cares, you’re grabbing drinks with your boss later. Underperforming in your job? Not a problem, your boss was in your wedding party.

Larry Fitzgerald is taking advantage of Kliff Kingsbury’s unwillingness to be tough.

Would Fitz be taking this wide of a lane with Bruce Arians? Or even Ken Whisenhunt? I don’t think so. Those coaches would’ve politely, forcefully requested an answer from Fitz as training camp unfolded so they can know exactly what kind of hand they are dealing from in the wide receiver room.

Maybe the team leadership knows exactly what is going on but we don’t and can’t assume they do.

Sports bettors are even confused. Fitzgerald was a big favorite to retire earlier in the offseason and now is favored to play.

Getting a front row seat to all time greatness is not something that should be taken for granted.

We all want Larry Fitzgerald back but right now what we want more than anything from Larry is just an answer.

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