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Should Kyler Play In Preseason Finale?

No, of course not.

There is no viable reason Kyler Murray should play a single snap during the Cardinals preseason finale Saturday in New Orleans.

We're only in this position because of Kliff Kingsbury's unwillingness to answer simple questions in a straight forward manner.

Kliff has confused secrecy for competency. Either that or he doesn't know the answer because he has been told by Kyler. Or Sean Kugler. Or Steve Keim.

Here's the simple truth - despite the bad taste left in everyone's mouth from the Cardinals first team offensive performance against the Kansas City Chiefs, you simply don't expose your players to an unnecessary injury risk in the final preseason game on the schedule.

I know it's still confusing that the preseason is shorter this season. In the past, the third preseason game was always the most important for a team and its starters. This year the third preseason game is the last preseason game.

This week's slate is for quarterbacks like Bryce Perkins and Dwayne Haskins.

The need for additional preseason reps for the starters shouldn't be solved this week; the main focus should be getting to regular season preparation as healthy as possible.

No, the real mistake came in not playing Kyler at all in the first game. Instead of boxing themselves into a corner by having to start the season on the wrong foot offensively, the Cardinals could've ironed out any early kinks in game one by playing the starters in preseason game number two.

Kyler should be planted firmly on the sideline this weekend.

According to him, that's exactly where he wants to be anyway.

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