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Donovan McNabb Interview: Zach Ertz, NFL's Best Offense, Cards Confidence

Every Wednesday at 8:33 AM, six time Pro Bowl quarterback Donovan McNabb joins The Drive to talk about the Arizona Cardinals and the biggest stories in the NFL thanks to CAZ Sports Bar at Casino Arizona.

This week, Donovan offered his insight on the Cardinals big win over the Browns, Zach Ertz's potential impact and whether the Cardinals have the best offense in the NFL.

On what the Cardinals accomplished beating the Browns without Kliff Kingsbury:

"What's happening right now with the Arizona Cardinals is just confidence building. It's confidence building."
"When you look at (the free agent the Cardinals brought in) AJ Green. JJ Watt. They get Chandler Jones back. Adding pieces to the puzzle they put together this offseason. You have to give credit to those guys in the front office in where they are right now. On the field - I mean, we can talk Kyler Murray and how Kyler Murray (can win) the MVP but you have to give a lot of credit to this defense. This defense is playing much better than expected at this particular point.

On whether Zach Ertz will make it too many mouths to feed for Kyler Murray:

"Not at all! Quarterbacks complain about not having help. Now, (Kyler Murray) has help. What AJ Green has brought to this offense, we can talk (Deandre) Hopkins, we can talk about (Chase) Edmonds, all those guys. But what AJ Green has brought to this offense is putting pressure on defenses."
"Now you can't double team Hopkins. Green is still a number one wide receiver. Then when you have your slot guys. I mean what they did in the (NFL) Draft by bringing in (Rondale Moore) and what he's been able to do is put pressure on the third corner. That's not even mentioning (pressuring) the fourth corner with Christian Kirk. Putting pressure on Linebackers.
"I couldn't believe that Zach Ertz got traded right after he played a Thursday Night Game. You're getting a guy who can do a lot of different things - either from the slot or put him in motion with two Tight End sets."

On which team has the best offense in the NFL:

"It's hard to say. Two things. Number one and no one is talking about it. The Dallas Cowboys. What we've seen with Ezekiel Elliot and Dak Prescott. CeeDee Lamb. (Amari) Cooper. That offense is still potent."
"The second offense - Right now, I don't care what anybody says, no one wants to play the Baltimore Ravens, watching Lamar Jackson throw the ball from the pocket.

Donovan also shared his thoughts on Baker Mayfield's long term status with the Browns, Derrick Henry's season and whether teams have become too aggressive on 4th downs.

To hear the full interview, listen below.

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