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An Ode to the G.O.A.T

Twenty two years ago, I was starting the second semester of my second year in college at the University of Arizona.

I don't know if I would have believed someone if they told me everything that would await me in the distant future. I really wouldn't have believed you if you told me that Tom Brady would just be calling it quits.

Over that period, all of our lives have changed dramatically. Careers, relationships, successes and failure have lined our path but one of the few constants has been Tom Brady.

No one saw it coming, which makes it all the more special.

Back then, you wouldn't be caught dead choosing the Patriots to battle a roommate in Madden.

Now he's got seven rings and the greatest resume of any team sport athlete of my lifetime.

Tom Brady's career spanning two plus decades officially came to an end today.

No one loved Tom Brady immediately. It was a slow burn. Like many of you, I despised the Patriots and their physically unimpressive quarterback in Tom Brady who were beginning to methodically take apart the rest of the NFL.

Now, I find myself legitimately bummed out that he won't be playing football every week for all of us to enjoy ever again.

Brady started his career as the poster child for lucking into your success - fortunate to have landed with Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense only to be able to ride their success to a couple of rings. He was more Robert Horry than Michael Jordan.

Now he ends it having redefined what we believe is possible and what we can dare expect from an athlete.

In 22 years, Brady redefined longevity. He redefined leadership. He redefined championship culture.

He has become the standard bearer for how every quarterback is ultimately judged.

He entered one of thirty two and leaves one of one.

Thanks for the memories Tom Brady, you will be missed.

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