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The Suns Need To Make a Move

The Phoenix Suns are the NBA’s best team and one of the favorties for the NBA championship.

I hope they don’t act like it before today’s NBA trade deadline.

Last year the Suns were also a very good team and their complacency at the deadline might have cost them the franchise’s first ever championship banner.

A year ago it was clear the Suns needed a bit more size for the battles that lay ahead in the playoffs. Instead of trading for JaVale McGee, they stood pat and watched as their lack of size likely cost them everything.

This year, we know the Suns are awesome but we also know the margin for error is invisible when trying to win a championship.

The Suns can’t continue to make the same mistakes that cost them in the past. In addition to their trade deadline brain fart last year, the Suns also had a draft misfire that haunted them in the postseason. Instead of selecting Tyrese Haliburton, the Suns snagged Jalen Smith. Whoops.

In 2021, they passed on drafting Ayo Dosunmu or Jared Butler to trade for Landry Shamet. They can’t let that move define their 2022 postseason. No one, most of all Landry Shamet, wants to watch a playoff game or series come down to Landry Shamet.

That’s where Eric Gordon comes in.

According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Suns have not offered their 2024 1st round pick for Gordon. It stands to reason that if they do, they can land him. Now 2024 sounds like its far away buts its only two drafts; the Suns should risk it for a better chance at a ring right now.

Eric Gordon is 33, has played 55 postseason games, played with Chris Paul and is a career 37% three point shooter and is shooting 42.7% from three point land this year on over 5 attempts.

He’s playoff tested, a better two way player than Shamet and could be the difference between a ring and more heartache.

The Suns should learn from the few lessons they learned the hard way in the last year; they should go all in.

General Manager James Jones is known as Champ, lets hope he acts like it before this year’s deadline.

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