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Devin Booker Is Not the MVP but...

Devin Booker is not the NBA MVP but that’s not the point, stay with me.

Devin Booker IS a MVP candidate and that’s almost as important.

I believe Devin Booker has as good or better of a case to be made as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player as Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic.

The Suns are 15 and 17 wins better than both of their teams right now and while the big men may have some statistical superiority, Booker’s consistent excellence for the best team in the NBA weighs heavier in my formula.

The only player I think Booker takes a back seat to is Giannis. Giannis is the defending champ and a two time NBA MVP. Those credentials are tough to overcome when on a night to night basis this season, he’s also consistently been the toughest player to prepare for on both sides of the ball.

So if you want to give Giannis the MVP over Booker, I’d tip my cap. Anyone else I’m going to need to be convinced.

But the reality is Devin Booker isn’t going to win the MVP.

Jayson Tatum? The Celtics have been great for the last two months meanwhile the Suns have been great for the last 15 months.

With that kind of disrespect its impossible to imagine Booker winning the award under any circumstances.

What’s important now is that Devin Booker finishes in the top 3. 

If Booker finishes top 3 and is an All NBA First Team selection, it sets the stage for future MVP cases.

When a player gets recognized for their accomplishments, it tends to feed more recognition in the future so that when their career is over, the ultimate recognition comes. It goes a little something like this:

All Star appearances > All NBA teams > MVP top 3 > MVP > Best Player lists > Hall of Fame > Fulfillment

Booker deserves that.

His methodical consistency on WINNING teams cannot be overlooked.

The NBA has ignored Devin Booker before - that can’t continue while the Suns dominate.

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