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How Do the Cardinals Keep Up With the Rams?

Another day, another mega-dollar deal paid mostly in cash for the Los Angeles Rams.

While you and I suffer sticker shock on a tank of gas, Rams owner Stan Kroenke is single handedly inflating the cost of winning in the NFL.

A few weeks ago it was Matthew Stafford. A few days ago with was Aaron Donald. A few hours ago it was Cooper Kupp.

So how can the Cardinals possibly be expected to keep up with a franchise that has not only the resources to spend absurd amounts of cash to skirt the salary cap but also an owner who will actually do it?

Its pretty simple actually: its Kyler Murray.

To overcome an exceptional franchise, you need a truly exceptional player. Kyler Murray needs to be that player for the Cardinals.

Right now, the Rams look like world beaters out-spending, out-scouting and out-swagging every team in the NFL.

Right now, the Cardinals are nickel and diming Kyler Murray.

The Cardinals need to pay Kyler, not to keep up with the Rams but to ensure they have a chance to take them down.

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