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The Best NFL Longshot Bets

Longshot bets in sports are fun, they're great stories but they shouldn't be the bread and butter of your sports gambling philosophy. Nevertheless, sometimes the temptation of placing a $5 or $10 bet and reaping three or even four digits of profits is too tempting to pass up.

Below are what I think are the best longshot NFL bets heading into the year. Unlike other NFL bets, placing longshot bets is usually better to do earlier rather than later before a longshot turns into a decent bet or even a favorite.

I wouldn't recommend placing bets on all of these long shot odds or even multiple of your own but it is fun to place a few small bets and let it ride for the season.

All odds are courtesy of DraftKings Sportsbook as of August 12th at 10:00 AM.

Super Bowl: Baltimore Ravens +200

  • In John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson we trust.

AFC Champion: Indianapolis +1200

  • The entire season could be a year long celebration that they dumped Carson Wentz. This Colts team has the talent and defensive pedigree to shock the world in the AFC.

NFC Champion: Minnesota +1800

  • Love the Vikings as a sleeper and this won't be the last Vikings bet I make this preseason. Kirk Cousins might be the 4th or 5th best QB in the NFC. I like those odds.

AFC South winner: Jacksonville +800

  • The ultimate revenge on Urban Meyer would be fun to watch.

NFC East winner: New York Giants +800

  • I just really like Brian Daboll even if I really don't like Daniel Jones.

NFC South winner: Carolina Panthers +900

  • In the 18 games before he injured his shoulder last year, Baker Mayfield threw for 25 TD's/5 INT's and went 11-7. If Tampa Bay takes a step back, this Panthers team has the talent to take advantage and sentence us all to another round of Baker Mayfield commercials.

Tampa Bay to miss the playoffs: +450

  • This sure feels like an "Everything Goes Wrong" season for the Bucs. Has TB12 finally run out of steam with the football gods?

MVP: Kyler Murray +2000 or Matt Ryan +3500

  • The MVP is a narrative award and both of these players have the scripts ready to be written to justify their MVP season, assuming they follow through with their part on the field..

Most passing yards in NFL: Kirk Cousins +1800

  • Over the last 3 seasons, Kirk Cousins ranks 6th amongst all NFL QB's in total passing yards. While he's never lead the league is passing yards, he's going to pile up better than expected numbers. Add in Kevin O'Connell's juiced up offense and a ready to explode Justin Jefferson and these odds are too good to pass up.

Most Rushing Yards in NFL: Nick Chubb +1000 or Saquon Barkley +3500

  • We know Chubb and Saquon have the talent to lead the NFL but do they have the durability and carries to pull it off? I'd happily bet on both of their talents at these odds.

Most Receiving Yards in NFL: Courtland Sutton +4500

  • Six different players have on the receiving yardage total in the last six years, making it as wide open as any. In Sutton's last fully healthy season, he put up over 1,000 yards with Drew Lock and Joe Flacco tossing him the rock. Russell Wilson will want to push the ball down the field and Sutton could be the biggest beneficiary.

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