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Robert Sarver to Sell the Suns

You might not bust out the ski goggles, plastic sheets covering the walls and the tubs of champagne but you should - Robert Sarver is selling the Suns and its the biggest win for Suns fans in modern history.

After 18 years, the Suns fan base is about to be freed from the tyranny of awful ownership.

The particular brand of awfulness of Robert Sarver was apparently not just limited to his on court product but also his leadership of the organization. While Sarver attempts to paint himself the victim of some out of control cancel crazy mob, Sarver only has himself to blame for his current state of affairs.

Not to mention, its hard to be cancelled when you're about to net close to a billion dollars.

He's used to firing the failed coach, GM or team president. He's used to trading the failed draft pick or free agent signing. Now the failed owner gets to fire himself.

Now the Suns can be bought and restored to their rightful position as one of the NBA's most desirable franchises.

With stable basketball leadership, a franchise cornerstone in Devin Booker plus other young, talented core players, a business friendly landscape and the best kind of Phoenix weather during the season, the Suns should command a very healthy market and a very steep price.

What would the best new owner look like for Phoenix?

Not all billionaires are created equal. Some are filthy rich and meddle in everything. Some are filthy rich and don't want to spend any of it. Some are filthy rich and really smart. Hopefully the Suns end up with a group that looks more like the ownership that bought the Bucks, Sixers, Jazz or Clippers and less like the ownership group that just bought the Timberwolves.

The good news is the NBA is likely to be extremely picky about who they let in to the owners club. Most of the billionaire riff raff won't make it past the bouncer, Adam Silver, and will likely be someone serious about not only winning but also serious about spending and representing the franchise in a positive manner.

For 18 years, Suns fans had to hang their head in shame to support a team they loved but an owner they reviled.

Today is different. Today, Suns fans are proud to be a Suns fan.

That is something worth celebrating.

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