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Its Time For the Full Kyler Murray Experience

Am I crazy or does a 2-3 record mean a team has won two games and lost three games?

Listening to the Cardinals at times, you'd swear this team is 4-1 or 5-0.

The Cardinals treating a few banged up players like a snow day for practice and believing a walk through for a team coming off a sloppy home loss is the right decision before a big divisional road matchup was a new one for me.

Shouldn't a team playing below .500 be maximizing every chance to get better? Not Kliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals who would have you believe that losing early in the season magically means you will win later in the year.

Maybe Kliff will be right and all of this load management will created a fresher, better Cardinals team than last year that finishes strong.

Even if the Cardinals do reverse course from last year and win more later in the year, I don't think it will have anything to do with a random live practice-free Wednesday during Week 6.

Instead, if the Cardinals are going to find another gear its going to be because of Kyler Murray.

This has been the least impressive start to a season in Kyler Murray's career.

Don't get me wrong: he's not the reason the team is 2-3 but he is a reason the team is not 4-1.

Murray has been fine. He's been acceptable. But what the Cardinals need Kyler to be is extraordinary.

He'll have his chance on Sunday against the Seahawks. While the rest of the football world is celebrating Seahawks QB Geno Smith, it should be Kyler Murray that takes center stage in Seattle.

The Seahawks defense has been roasted by Jared Goff, Taysom Hill and Marcus Mariota in losses. Those three quarterbacks (generously applied to Taysom Hill) have combined for 10 touchdowns against a Seahawks defense that currently ranks last in total yards allowed, last in rushing yards allowed, 2nd to last in points per game allowed and 26th overall in passing yards allowed

In other words, its the perfect time for Kyler Murray to be Kyler Murray.

The early NFL season has been largely defined by a handful of quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts.

On Sunday, its time for Kyler Murray to submit his resume to join that group for the 2022 season.

If that happens, Kliff won't have to give his team a day off, they will have earned it.

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