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Could Bradley Chubb Be A Cardinal?

The NFL Trade Deadline is just days away on Tuesday, November 1st and despite a flurry of activity already, more big names could be on the move.

So could the Cardinals make their second major trade of this season after acquiring WR Robbie Anderson less than two weeks go?

It very likely depends on whether they can beat the Vikings on Sunday. Win and it could likely be the mandate to go all in after overcoming a slow start for the Cardinals. Lose and at 3-5, they may be dealing away a potential top 10 pick if its a first rounder.

If they do win, a pass rusher immediately becomes their top need for any potential playoff push. It just so happens Bradley Chubb could be available.

Chubb is 26, notched a career high 12.5 sacks as a rookie under Vance Joseph and could help the Broncos recoup some of the draft capital they traded away in the currently disastrous Russell Wilson deal.

So, is Cardinals General Manager Steve Keim interested in Chubb? Here's what NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport told me earlier today on "The Drive":

"I would never say that Steve Keim wouldn't look at something. Something we always know, is he always open for business and he always very creative and he is always trying to see if he can get the team better. That would make sense. But it's a lot. I think that Bradley Chubb would like a new contract that comes with a new deal. If that's the case, would that be something the Cardinals would do. In the end, if you do a new contract with a new deal, it usually ends up working out for the team assuming that the players is good. You lock in a guy at his rate right now. If you wait, then end up in a (Jamal Adams scenario) with the Seahawks. Where they paid too much and more than they wanted. But do the Cardinals have the capacity to do a trade and sign a player right now."

Would it take a first rounder to land Chubb? Rapoport again:

"Oh yeah. Those guys are expensive. If you want a premium player, that's what they cost. Look at the Christian McCaffrey situation between Carolina and San Francisco. So if that's the case, I think all of the other guys might be worth a (first round draft pick) at the very, very least. If we see some of these guys traded then i think the price is going to be exceptionally high."

And finally, does Ian think the Arizona Cardinals are currently a favorite to land Chubb with four days to go:

"No. Not at all. I think they are several other teams that are interested and I don't even know if those teams would do a deal."

There's a flip side to Sunday as well. If the Cardinals lose, might they be tempted to trade some of their veteran players or might some of their veteran players like new dad JJ Watt or AJ Green nudge the Cardinals to be traded to a contender before Tuesday's trade deadline. Here's what Ian Rapoport had to say about the Cardinals becoming sellers:

"The problem is when you have a good team and you have a good quarterback, you can always turn things around for your season. Steve Keim does not seem like a seller to me, he seems more like a buyer."

You can listen to the full interview with Ian Rapoport on The Drive where we discuss not only the Cardinals trade options but the WR trade market, the Green Bay Packers, whether the league believes Tom Brady is done and more here:

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