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What's Next For the Suns?

The Suns finally hired their head coach and their top assistant coach, now, what's next?

Only the meat of the entire offseason.

Over the last few weeks, we've gotten distracted on what's most important for the Suns offseason.

Its wonderful that the Suns hired Frank Vogel. And its terrific that Kevin Young was retained by the Suns as Vogel's lead assistant.

Neither one of those developments will matter if the Suns don't add the right players this offseason.

The NBA is a players league, not a coaches league.

The future of Suns core players Chris Paul and Deandre Ayton are very much in the air.

Will the hiring of a championship anointed head coach in Vogel persuade the Suns to keep the core in tact and try and different approach?

Could roster continuity be less of a risk than making two major trades and trying to add four to six championship level rotation players in one offseason?

Could Frank Vogel do in one year what no Suns coach could do in five years and permanently unlock the potential of Deandre Ayton?

Those things are possible but to me the choice is still clear for the Suns: Trade CP3 and DA.

The Suns can't regret not being bold enough this offseason.

If DA falters and/or Chris Paul gets injured AGAIN, the Suns may not get another chance to get it right.

It won't be easy but the next steps for the Suns are to trade Ayton and Paul and hope the coaching staff doesn't screw it up.

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