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The Dbacks Need to Go Full Suns

The Arizona Diamondbacks should steal a page from the Phoenix Suns playbook.

Of course that book belongs exclusively to Mat Ishbia but it's hard not to watch every other local team right now and put an Ishbia Filter on them.

Imagine the Diamondbacks aggressively pursuing stars to win a ring in a wide open NL.

Imagine the Cardinals offering an all you can eat buffet free of charge to all players instead of charging them for a take home airport sandwich.

Imagine the Coyotes doing the opposite of everything they’ve ever done.

Most of these are just fantasies but for the Diamondbacks the dream could be a reality.

If the Dbacks want to really matter in Phoenix and in MLB this year, a good first half isn’t going to cut it. 

They need to go for it. I mean, they need to GO FOR IT.

If the Los Angeles Angels continue their downward trajectory after a solid start, Shohei Ohtani could be available in a trade.

If Ohtani is available, no team in baseball is better situated than the Dbacks to give the Angels exactly what they need to trade the MVP/Cy Young living legend.

The Diamondbacks have MLB proven young players that are affordable and controllable in Alek Thomas, Jake McCarthy, Geraldo Perdomo, Gabriel Moreno, Carson Kelly, Ryne Nelson and Tommy Henry.

They have the helium prospects every big trade in baseball requires in Druw Jones and Jordan Lawlar.

They have deep prospect depth in their lower minors.

Imagine being able to offer Druw Jones and Jordan Lawlar while knowing you have three MLB OF’s under 23 already starting and an All Star 23 year old SS.

Imagine offering Druw Jones, Geraldo Perdomo, Brandon Pfaadt and Alek Thomas and still having plenty of young talent to fill your roster and keeping one of the best prospects in baseball in Jordan Lawlar.

The Dbacks have everything any team could offer and more.

Ohtani knows Phoenix after spending Spring Training here during his MLB career and his desire to win could be satisfied with a loaded Dbacks roster and farm system, even after a trade.

What he doesn’t know and what we don’t know is if the Diamondbacks have an owner that is capable of pulling it off and willing to make it work financially.

Of course Ken Kendrick could afford to do so but is he willing?

I’d like to find out.

The worst case is the Diamondbacks don’t and we all go back to the reality that while Phoenix might be a four sport town, it’s still only a one owner town.

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