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The Freaks with Kenny & Crash

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Freak The Dodgers 2.0

Fresh off another freaking of the Dodgers by the snakes in a three game sweep, we thought it was a perfect time to update our hit single from 2014 “Freak The Dodgers”

So we recorded our follow up. “Freak The Dodgers 2.0”

Help us make it soar to the top of the billboard charts...

Wanna sing along? Check out the lyrics

Kenny: There goes the hated Dodgers, Back west on the I-10...We swept their happy assesAnd glad-ly do it again...Dem DBacks showed their juevos...Big bats, big arms and balls...We say freak the Dodgers and punched’m in the jaw———

Crash: The Dodgers are so shitty, That Kershaw’s oh-and-2... The Dodgers stank it up so bad, Their dugout filled with poooooo... We hate to rub it in boys, But then again you suck blueWe say freak the Dodgers... and Magic Johnson, too ———

Alex: You cellar sniffin DodgersHave a payroll that’s absurd...You ain’t got no excuses now So we’ll flip you the bird...It’s so bad, Tom Lasorda...He just can’t say a word...Yea we say Freak the DodgersYour bat boy is a nerd!———

Suave: You can’t blame Justin Turner...He’s a weak ass red head (off mic Crasher, “sorry, Jody”)...And you know that he was (beeeeeeeeep)In his Mickey Mouse trundle bed...We can’t reveal our sources...That’s just what they said... Yea, we say Freak the Dodgers, And we wish you were... (stop the music, scream at each other, then make Suave finish)... Yea we wish you were DEAD!

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