The Freaks with Kenny & Crash

The Freaks with Kenny & Crash

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Freaks sexy six pack: week two with Mountain Man Jay

Week two of our sexy six pack of picks is here, three NFL & three College games. This week we welcomed in Mountain Man Jay to help make our picks. This week’s games?

OSU Vs ASU, USC Vs UofA, Stanford Vs Notre Dame, Seahawks Vs Cards, Chiefs Vs Broncos & Browns Vs Raiders. The names of the hosts who took each team are listed below.                                          

Oregon St @ Jay

ASU -  ...Suave, Crasher, Clancy, Ken

USC @      ...Ken, Suave

UofA    ...Clancy, Crasher, Jay

Stanford   ...Suave...

Notre Dame  ...Crasher, Clancy, Ken, Jay

Seahawks @  ...Crasher, Suave, Ken,Jay

Cards  ...Clancy 

Chiefs @     ...Suave, Ken,Jay

Broncos   ...Crasher, Clancy 

Browns @  ...Suave, Ken, Crasher,Jay

Raiders  ...Clancy  

Our records after week one:

  • Kenny: 5-1

  • Alex: 5-1

  • Priscilla: 5-1

  • Crash: 3-3

  • Moore: 3-3

  • Suave: 2-4

  • Blades: 0-6

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