The Freaks with Kenny & Crash

The Freaks with Kenny & Crash

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Broncos Mountain Way: A Freaks Parody

Spent the last year 

On Bruce Arians Way(But) no receivers to hireCan Rosen Pass? Sure

Time to pass it Kirk’s way

McCoy’s seat is on fire

And we see Chubb & MillerPiercin through our OLine bad 

It’s their Bronco Mountain Way(and it’s) gonna make Cards-look so sad……

Wilks is tellin' us this

And he's tellin' us that(Broken) record every day

It’s all bull**** chatter

Cards defense is loaded, and 

Chandler’s all thatSackin' em play by play

But it doesn’t matter

Now we don't need Patrick LindseyRunning up and down our pad, uh huh

(The Broncos) Rocky Mountain Way Is better than the play we have

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