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No PP: A Freaks Parody

Our eighth parody song lampooning the Arizona Cardinals is here. We have been dealing with the fact that the Cards might trade Patrick Peterson so we decided to ask, You down with No PP? A parody of the Naughty by Nature song "O.P.P."

Feel free to rap along with our residential M.C. Crash Gladys:

Rid me of Patrick P

Bidwell... snag two first-rounders for him


No PP, why do I say it?

You read his g-damn statement?

To have a worse team now is advantageous

No is for zero, P is Patrick (ya listenin?)

The last P... well, that is for Peterson (heh)

It’s kinda like an ex that just won’t e-ver get the hint

It's 6 little losses... the two-oh-18 stint

But now Leftwich callin plays and it’s a party… as a game ‘n

It seems I gotta start the explainin'

(Bust it)

Cards playin’ San Fran just 4 weeks a-go we stole the win

But this time Rosen throws to DJ outside, first and ten!

Our Defense? Wait a min... what we want to know about

Patrick P must explode and keep Marquise Goodwin OUT

It's not a front, F to the R to the O to the N to the T

Just C.J. Beathard at our house (No, that's not sca-ry)

It's NO-PP,  just kidding now he gets it?

There's no room to screw up,,, just time to f**** HIT IT

How many fans out there know just what we are gettin' at

Who thinks it's wrong cause he text Scheft & then was spittin' at

Well if you do, that's On-PP and you're not down with it

But if you don't, here's your membership

You down with No PP? (top pick we’ll be)

You down with No PP? (top pick we’ll be)

You down with No PP? (top pick we’ll be)

Who’s down with No PP? (think rationa-lly)

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