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Woj bomb: The NBA is concerned about the Phoenix Suns dysfunction

ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is piling on the Phoenix Suns misery in an ESPN video segment.

According to Woj the NBA is concerned about the course that the Suns have set themselves on.

He included details on how involved Interim James Jones is with the team, Woj says that the Suns dont have much of a scouting infrastructure and that Jones is rarely on the road with the team.

This doesn’t come as much of a surprise to us or to The Drive’s Jody Oehler. Jody lit Robert Sarver up in an open letter this week which you can read on the Fox Sports 910 blog.

The clip was re-published by The Timeline Podcast

We are asking, what has to happen for the NBA to step in and try and fix the Suns mess?

There is precedent, the league stepped in with the Philadelphia 76ers several seasons ago by appointing Jerry Colangelo to a position.

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