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Former NFL QB: Cardinals should trade Josh Rosen if offered a first rounder

Thursday was another wild day for the Arizona Cardinals, Kyler Murray is 5’10” & Josh Rosen’s instagram has been cleared of every single Cardinals picture.

With Murray & Rosen being the hot topics we brought in former NFL QB Sean Salisbury to explain to us why Kyler Murray is so special.

He asked us a few qualifiers:

Does he win?

Is he 98 percent of the time best player on field?

Does he play well under pressure?

Does he have a good arm?

We all agreed Kyler checks all the boxes. Sean was pretty darn convincing he might change your mind about. What the Cardinals should do with the first overall pick.

If the Cardinals did want Murray, Sean has a solution for Josh Rosen. Trade him for a first rounder.

Listen below & let Sean explain why he is still a fan of Josh Rosen & why Kyler Murray will be a lock to be an NFL star.

Plus you are not ready for Sean’s Jim McMahon story that we kick it off with.

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