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How Robert Sarver can learn from Darth Vader & be a better owner

I know Robert Sarver is a bad owner. You know Robert Sarver is a bad owner. Jody Oehler knows Robert Sarver is a bad owner.

I’d even venture to say he is the biggest villain in Phoenix sports and when I think of great villains I think of Darth Vader.

The infamous Star Wars character dressed in all-black voiced by the great James Earl Jones is often listed as the greatest movie villain of all time. Empire Online, Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today all ranked Luke Skywalker’s father as the best of all-time.

What if I told you that Robert Sarver could actually take a page from Lord Vader and make himself a better owner because of it?

It’s a tough task because of all the things he has done,

Remember he was accused of yelling on the phone during trade calls? Remember he somehow managed to fumble a three team trade because he couldn't make it clear which Brooks he wanted?

I could go on and on but if you are a Star Wars fan you know Darth Vader ends up getting redeemed by rediscovering his humanity and throwing his mentor into the deep dark depths of the Death Star.

It's hard to watch that clip & see Darth Vader save the galaxy and say Robert Sarver hasn't actually eclipsed Vader as the most hated man in the galaxy.

Will Sarver ever be redeemed? It is not likely.

I hope Sarver has seen Return of the Jedi enough to know that he may be the villain now but he’s not a lost cause.

What will his Vader killing the emperor moment be?

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