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Kyler Murray’s combine interview did not go well with at least one NFL team

Thanks to Tony Pauline’s reportingon Sunday morning, the narrative is now out there that Kyler Murray to the Arizona Cardinals is a ‘done deal’ at the #1 pick. This, per head coach Kliff Kingsbury during a chat with mates at the NFL combine. Other reliable sources have confirmed that was indeed a story on Sunday. But what no one can corroborate is whether or not the statement truly was an ‘oops’ moment by Kingsbury or if his statement was specifically planted inside a friendly conversation in order to begin the team's narrative of wanting Kyler Murray so badly that his value, and therefore that of the #1 pick, would then inflate enough to make a worthy trade for the team.

Oakland anyone?

But then there is something else. According to a reliable source in Texas, who was in an interview with the Sooner Sensation, there was at least one instance in which the team interview did not go so well.

The issue had nothing to do with that ‘deer in the headlights’ interview with Dan Patrick in Atlanta. Nope. And his helicopter Pops couldn’t save him this time as Kyler was peppered with how he’d handle certain defensive schemes and game time situations. Some of the Heisman winner’s responses were not trophy worthy, leaving at least one team’s execs a bit miffed.

Not a great sign for a team that just might hand over the keys to Kyler to the team’s fleet of Cadillacs. 

Now, does such disregard for discerning defenses deflate the value of Kyler Murray? Does it push him down a few ticks? Well, if true, it depends on how much stock you put in to what’s between the ears of your QB. The Arizona Cardinals certainly don’t want that information in the headlines because they can’t control this narrative.

BREAKING: Maybe we’ve all been duped… twice… regarding Kyler Murray. Maybe this is just another plant story. Regardless, the next 2 months will keep the Cardinals above the fold and covered like a 13-3 team. Not 3 and... you get it.


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