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Coyotes Head Coach Rick Tocchet is a lesson in patience for Phoenix sports

We have been stuck on a Kyler Murray news cycle for the last two weeks and have for some reason put the best story locally on the back seat. The Arizona Coyotes are the best story in Phoenix sports right now because they are in a playoff race. In large part because of their Head Coach Rick Toccchet.

In my opinion Coach Tocchet should be a blueprint for the rest of our local teams in patience.

Hop in a time machine with me for a moment, Its November 2017 and the Arizona Coyotes have yet to win a hockey game in regulation through 20 games of the regular season under new Head Coach Rick Tocchet.

At the time I was one of those Coyotes fans thinking they made a mistake.

Holy smokes was I wrong, The Coyotes finished out the 2017-2018 quite strong with a 17-9-3 record over the last 29 games and because the Coyotes brass was patient with Rick Tocchet and his young team a year later the Coyotes are smack in the middle of a playoff race.

As of March 8th they sit just three points out of a wild card spot thanks to a 6-game win streak and the 10th best record in the league since January 1st.

Patience with Rick Tocchet has paid off in a big way, in my opinion "Toc" should be in the conversation for the NHL's Jack Adams award for coach of the year.

The Coyotes success & Rick Tocchet's success this season should be a blueprint for the rest of Phoenix sports in how to be patient.

I'm looking at you Arizona Cardinals. I'm looking at you Phoenix Suns.

For the Arizona Cardinals, its two fold. You have to be patient with Kliff Kingsbury because shocker you usually don't become a good coach overnight. They need to learn from the Steve WIlks debacle and let him learn how to be an NFL Head Coach.

Rick Tocchet admitted that he had to change his coaching style last season in a post season interview with AZ Central,

“I thought the first two months I wasn't as good as I should have been,” Tocchet said. “I tried to correct eight million things and that affected myself. When I dialed it down to the reason why they brought me here, I think that's when I got a little more successful; a lot more teaching with the young guys, a lot more individual stuff which I love doing on the ice with the players. I learned a lot about myself as a coach — especially the last half — and I got better. ... I've got to get better as a coach for sure.”

The Cardinals also need to be patient with Josh Rosen, for goodness sake last season when he fell into the Cardinals lap we acted like he was the greatest thing in Cards history. Now the media and fans (and maybe the Cardinals too) have become enamored with the newest sexy super model that is Kyler Murray while forgetting they have a franchise QB right in front of them.

For the Phoenix Suns they actually share some similarities with the Arizona Coyotes.

Both teams are young, both teams have budding stars and both teams named successful assistants to head coaching positions.

Igor Kokoskov is in his first head coaching position in the NBA and he has had a steep learning curb so far, his Phoenix Suns could end up with the worst record in franchise history.

However once again like the Coyotes and their young core, The Suns might be finally learning how to win. They have won four of their last five games with one huge win against a top NBA squad in the Bucks.

So, Suns fans we are all frustrated at the last damn near decade of losing but for a franchise looking for some stability at the Head Coaching position maybe we should let Igor stick around for a bit and be patient with Deandre Ayton and Devin Booker. Both guys are too talented to not be winners.

Patience can be frustrating, its tough to watch a young team grow up, its tough to watch a team lose but if we let these teams learn eventually it will pay off with winning.

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