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Kliff Kingsbury isn’t hiding he’s a Sean Mcvay wannabe

New York’s hottest club is “illusion of complexity”. Its where you go and rub shoulders with McBae himself, Sean Mcvay and by doing so getting yourself a Head Coaching job in the NFL.

[end bad SNL impression]

During Tuesday’s Arizona Cardinals press conference Kliff Kingsbury described his new offense this way (per the Arizona Cardinals official website)

"You want to have that fine line of not thinking too much, but we want to have enough in that we can still be an attacking, kind of giving the illusion of complexity out there,"

Here is the thing, Coach Kliff did not invent that term. He is just trying to rip-off the Uber success of Rams Head Coach Sean McVay. Watch this clip from the NFL on Fox back in 2017

Kliff isn’t the only rookie Head Coach ripping off one of the league’s brightest minds. Packers first year Head Coach and Mcvay disciple Matt LaFleur used the same terminology earlier this year.

We kind of figured Kliff Kingsbury would try and take some cues from the Rams high flying offense when he was hired in January but ask yourself this question every time you here that new buzzword “illusion of complexity”

How often is the sequel or the reboot better than the original? The Cardinals and Packers better be careful because try as they might Kingsbury & LaFleur are NOT Sean McVay

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