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Is all the praise of Kyler Murray too good to be true?

ESPN recently published a look at the rookie QB class and how Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones & Dwayne Haskins are being talked about in their local markets.

By now you have heard all the praise levied at Kyler Murray from the likes of Larry Fitzgerald, praising his knowledge of the Kingsbury system. Chandler Jones loved Kyler’s confidence and David Johnson called Kyler faster than he thought. For most fans that is beautiful to hear, but why aren’t the other first round QB’s being praised as much?

Daniel Jones was the sixth overall pick by the New York Giants and his Expectations are lower if you read the following quotes.

Head Coach Pat Shurmur: “I think he has had a really, really productive offseason. He is on track with the goal to be ready to play Day 1. That is really what all the players need to be thinking. The quarterback stuff will be on the front burner for everyone. I get that. He is on track.“ From one anonymous Giants player quoted by ESPN was not too glowing, "Really big arm. Gotta lotta work to do tho!!!"

As for Dwayne Haskins and the Redskins its similar to that of Daniel Jones, Head Coach Jay Gruden said this....”He stands tall; he has a cannon, and he can quicken up his release. He's got great touch. Strong, powerful arm; strong, powerful body. But sometimes when he's off, he's abnormally off. It's kind of weird."

What does this mean for Kyler Murray? It could mean a few things

1) Kyler is the REAL deal and fans should be excited for the first time since beating the Packers back in 2015

2) The Cardinals are just telling their players what to say as a coordinated PR campaign to get excitement higher

3) Daniel Jones & Dwayne Haskins just aren't that good so Kyler is of course going to be praised

We debated it on Wednesday’s show and if we are drinking the same kool-aid that Kyler’s teammates are.

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